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5/25/2020 Sportsman Racing at Funny Car Chaos! Update

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5/18/2020 Funny Car Chaos! Update





This just in folks! May 29-30th Funny Car Chaos! at Eddyville Raceway Park is a GO and we'll be STREAMING LIVE pay per view courtesy of our friends at BangShift.com for just $9.99 per day! As of now, we are not permitted to have spectators, so we're bringing the CHAOS to your living room LIVE! This massive two-day horsepower festival will also include the Victory NSS Points Series Super Stockers, Ozark Mountain Super Shifters, Nostalgia Gasser Racing Association, and Sportsman Classes! A huge line-up of heads up drag racing coming to you LIVE from Eddyville on BangShift worldwide! More info coming soon! Share with your friends and fellow drag racing fans, this is a great opportunity to support your local track and grassroots racers! It's finally time to test that new surround sound system! Thank you for your support of Eddyville Raceway Park!

Funny Car Chaos!

With over 20 cars pre-entered to Funny Car Chaos! at Eddyville Raceway Park, it's time to start introducing the field! We've got several Funny Car teams ready to make their CHAOS debut May 29-30th! Here are four teams looking forward to their first CHAOS event!
Jim Hidy's "Fuelish Intentions" - Batavia, IA Robbie Massey "Moats & Massey" - Des Moines, IA Levi Keenan "Illinois Thunder" - Paris, IL Kyle Smith "Smith Racing" - Wichita, KS